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Welcome to RELLECIGA!

       RELLECIGA is a swimwear brand launched by RIDI (RELLECIGA Industry Design Institute) located in Paris, France.  RIDI was a designer team who created customized fashion for celebrities and royal families. RIDI designed pieces were not available to the public until 2000 when they decided to branch out into swimwear set up a new brand they named RELLECIGA. RELLECIGA devotes itself to designing swimwear for fashion lovers all around the world. We picked the name RELLECIGA from a variety of events that lead up to the creation of our brand. RELLECIGA is an anagram representing our ideas and values as a company. RE stands for focusing on the end goal despite hardships faced, ELLE represents the beautiful female form in French, while CIGA is short for: confidence, inspiration, glamor, and class.

        RELLECIGA has been providing professional tailor and designing limited-edition swimwear for the a wide range of people such as the struggling college student to up and coming socialite pop stars to the royal families, as well as superstar sports teams like the French Synchronized National Swim team. RELLECIGA serves clientele across Europe, America, and Asia. RELLECIGA has been a dedicated designer for a decade using the beach as a stage to showcase the hottest new designs and new styles straight from the runways to you.

       Revitalized its rules and regulations in it's factories, RELLECIGA has taken all the necessary steps to ensure the customer is receiving a marvelous quality product every time. RELLECIGA has gone so far as to set up personal standards between it's manufacturers and factories which give specific requirements on the quality of materials, the prime sewing craft, and size regulations.

        RELLECIGA dreams to become the new standard brand of swimwear for this generation. To date, RELLECIGA uses the a size specification chart called the RC Standard Size Chart that has been widely accepted and developed into a standard in swimwear industry. RELLECIGA chose to launch it's American campaign in New York City. Check out our billboard in Time Square!

       With the popularity of the bikini sky rocketing to reach new generations of beach enthusiasts, RELLECIGA spares no efforts to develop series of fashionable, exquisite and high-quality swimwear including the Marianne Collection, versatile RIKINI Collection, sweet Lace Collection, and the wild digital print OZ Collection. With European-inspired design and exquisite crafting, every modern woman should own at least one RELLECIGA piece in her wardrobe.


       RELLECIGA'S goal is to design sexy swimwear as unique as the beautiful woman wearing it.   Watch our editorial “How to Wear a Rikini” video on! Check out our website at and come find your gorgeous perfect fit bikini today!